Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why are the Golden State Warriors referred to as The Dubs?

The Dubs are two wins away from winning their first title in 40 years. Who are the Dubs?

The media coined the Golden State Warriors as The Dubs, an abbreviation for "W" in word terms, dub-a-you. Dubs is short for "W" with an "s" at the end to identify a team.

The Dubs are the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. They are a Western Conference team that plays in the Pacific Division.

In the 2014-2015 NBA season, Golden State Warriors won an impressive 67 games to set a franchise record. The Dubs finished with the best home record (39-2) and the best road record of (28-13).

The next time you hear the media refer to the Golden State Warriors as Dubs, you will know the background. Dubs is Dub-a-you is a short abbreviation for "W".

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hotspots to meet Asians in San Francisco

Nightlife Girl
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San Francisco is a diverse city. People who want to meet Asians, it's your lucky day! There is a high percentage of Asians concentrated in the Bay Area. Tourists may ask where are the best places to meet Asian girls and/or Asian guys in San Francisco?

San Francisco nightlife is bustling every night. Club and bargoers are on the move, hopping from one hot spot to another. Asians are a large part of this night action.

It's common for outsiders to request Asian hotspots. We listened! So we put together a list of places to visit in San Francisco where Asians hang out

The top Asian hotpots follow below: 
  1. The Grand - 520 4th Street
  2. Temple Night Club - 540 Howard Street
  3. AsiaSF - 209 9th St. 
  4. Bootie SF - 375 11th St. 
  5. Cat Club - 1190 Folsom St. 
  6. Ruby Skye - 425 Mason St. 
  7. Mighty - 119 Utah Street
  8. Infusion Lounge - 124 Ellis Street
  9. DNA Lounge - 375 11th Street
  10. Mr Smith's - 34 7th St. 
  11. Pier 39 - Weekends
  12. Union Square

We will feature another list of places to visit for different multicultural groups. As we know, people have preferences and/or feel comfortable hanging out in such environments. We heard from the Grapevine that Asian night is Thursday at The Grand.

Go meet some cool Asians tonight! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Hella Good Story!


When I first arrived in San Antonio, Texas for Air Force Basic Training 20 years ago, people knew exactly where I was from because of one word I kept saying.

Everything was hella good. Hella this, hella that; it was hella cool. One flight member pointed out this "hella" reference, saying you must be from Northern California. I never knew I kept saying hella. All of a sudden, I started to pay attention to how many times I mentioned "hella" and this made me hella aware of saying hella so many times.

Others soon caught onto this hella content, and soon began emphasizing their nouns such as she was hella fine, or that food was hella good. 20 years later, hella made the list as one of the most influential words of the 2000's. This hella reference first surfaced in Northern California, particularly the Bay Area, in the early 90's.

It's a word that young North Cali natives incorporated into their dialect without ever noticing this, like what we hear from people using, "You know what I'm saying, you hear me, or you feel me bro" type of responses. The hella slag emerged as a 90's creation that somehow has no exact trendsetter. It is entirely a slang that we remember, a nostalgic part of our time in the 90's growing up near the Bay.

Remember the G-Line? Before the Internet got big, people would communicate on their phone using recordings across a G-Line. People took on aliases such as G-Smooth, AG and other names. Back then, everyone was on the go and didn't sit at a computer to post content on a Facebook, or send a tweet out on Twitter. Even Google was not even thought of yet, just a mere idea that eventually evolved a few years later. All we had was AOL, Yahoo and websites that took quite an effort to locate if these were not developed on a generic domain name.

Hella takes us back to the past, a moment of reflection on the 90's. We don't remember using hella much, because we made it innate - free flowing. If we got into the Delorean and traveled to the 90's and listened to us having conversations, there is a hella good shot that we will hear the hella slang thousands of times. Hella is like "like" when we get nervous.

If you say "like" after almost every word, then you know that you're embarrassed, shy or struggling to find that next word. This usually happens in large crowds, in front of a girl you like and/or while giving a speech in high school or in a college class. Hella has evolved and is now a natural way of describing something to make it really great.

In recent time, Jack In the Box is advertising Hella-peno on billboards. Our culture is aware of this "hella" reference as a replacement for "very" and something that is "excellent" or "really" good. It's all hella good bro. I hella miss Cali bro. Hella and bomb have that same impact in our culture. She is the bomb, dude. That was some bomb-ass crab!

I lived in Florida for a year. In a Florida workplace, I kept saying dude this, dude that. People knew I was from California, and imitated this "dude" word. I started to say dude after every request or reference. It was like saying sir or ma'am. Yo bro I need that salmon on the fly, dude. Whenever I talked to a single person, I mentioned dude after every sentence. It was my way of flossing California as a hella cool place to visit.

I made instant friends from scratch. These friends wanted to visit California to experience a hella good time. One little girl noticed my California license plate and asked if I knew the Kardashians? She said that it's her dream to visit California and go to Hollywood. California is a trendsetter. People aspire to build their dream in California and make a name for themselves. Hella started right here in Northern California. Isn't that hella dope?

What is your hella story? Do you still use hella today?  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Planning a Summer Trip?

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Summer trips are a blast. Have you ever considered whitewater rafting? When compared to European getaways and cruises, whitewater rafting trips are relatively inexpensive and memorable. We've gone on two whitewater rafting trips, both unique and both fun experiences.

However, we always wanted to go whitewater rafting near the Grand Canyon. That would be an awesome experience, especially with their scenic views. At points when the water calms down, there are some nice photo spots where you can capture the natural beauty of these enormous canyons. 

Whitewater rafting trips are even more fun if rafters choose to camp near the site. If you do decide to take a whitewater rafting, purchase one of those waterproof cameras. Since the water is rough at some points, there is a chance that a violent jerk may force a camera into the water. 

Don't bring a digital camera into the raft, unless you have it protected in a waterproof casing and this item is secured to your body. Beware of hanging this camera around your neck, as there is danger involved with this hooking onto the rocks and getting caught on another rafter. 

Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trips explore one of the world's most scenic views. The landscaping, nature sounds and tranquil surroundings make you feel a connection with the environment.

As shown below, the Grand Canyon encases this calm water with vibrant rocks, which are chiseled like Egyptian Pyramids. Grand Canyon whitewater rafting tours are full of fun and excitement. Take as many pictures as you like. Also, you may consider purchasing photos from photographers who capture images of rafters in many scenic spots. 

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Children are also welcome to attend whitewater water trips. Since every raft is supervised by a tour guide, mostly all rafting tours are safe. However, every rafter is cautioned to obey the safety rules. There's always a slight risk that accidents may occur, so it is expected that rafters listen very carefully. This is one time when listening will keep a person out of harm's way.

Nevertheless, whitewater rafting trips are fun and safe. If you haven't made any summer plans yet, plan your whitewater rafting trips today. California features some of the best whitewater rafting tours in Northern California. Whitewater rafting package deals are available for these California excursions. These package deals give customers several options to choose the trip that best fits their personal budget. This summer, make it a whitewater experience!  

Dark History of San Francisco

Whenever people think of San Francisco, they think of the past that comes along with the Zodiac serial killer, Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk assassinations, and home to one of the most destructive earthquakes of the 20th century in 1906. San Francisco is a beautiful city with a dark past.

Whenever any tourist visits San Francisco, they find a city with a long intriguing history. San Francisco is nicely populated with large buildings, is home to the famous Alcatraz prison, has one of the most visited tourist spots in Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf, and is known for its exclusive professional sports (San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco Giants). Furthermore, San Francisco has two premiere colleges - San Francisco State University and the University of California, San Francisco. However, San Francisco is known for its intriguing past.

In the late 60's and early 70's, the Zodiac tormented the Bay Area with a slew of murders. He was one of the most notorious serial killers ever. As hard as law enforcement investigated, they could never place a face to this serial killer. Eventually, the Zodiac's crimes went unresolved. The Zodiac was always a step ahead; he never seemed to make any mistakes. He toyed around with the San Francisco media, Bay Area police, and injected fear into the minds of all Bay Area and Solano County residents.

Every December, there are Zodiac tours which give spectators access to where the Zodiac committed his crimes. It is rather interesting to people intrigued by this dark past because the Zodiac murders continue attract attention today. There are Zodiac fan websites, books, crime mystery shows, movies and documentaries devoted to the Zodiac serial murders.

In the early 70's, Mayor Moscone and Harvey Milk were both assassintated by a former city official - Dan White. Ironically, White's lawyer managed to convince the court and persuade the jury to accept manslaughter. The reasoning behind this is that Dan White's state of mind at the time of his terrible actions were perceived as abnormal. But after only serving 5 years for these two senseless murders, Dan White ended up taking his own life in San Francisco. People have the opportunity to view the site of this 1978 crime.

Many of these sites can be visited. In addition, there are other historical scandals and events which are known for their historical context. Visit the link below to read more about San Francisco's role in history, and places that you can visit to relive the past. Have a grand time, but remember the lives lost in these strange events in the city near the Bay.

Watch News Coverage on Day of Mayor and City Supervisor Assassinations

Click here to visit San Francisco

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sterling Vineyards, Calistoga, California

Sterling Vineyards is located in Calistoga, California. It is 29 miles away from Napa, California. There are two routes that lead from Napa to Sterling Vineyards - Silverado Trail or Highway 29 North.

High 29 North tends to get busy often because many wineries are located along this highway. An alternative option is to take Silverado Trail going North, as this route avoids the 29-North traffic and is also very scenic. Enjoy the wine tasting at Sterling Vineyards!

Use the link below to receive $5 off at Sterling Vineyards.

$5 off at Sterling Vineyards coupon

Images of Sterling Vineyards

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado is located Southwest of downtown San Diego. This historical hotel is known to be haunted by a female ghost named Kate Morgan. Many Hollywood icons, past Presidents of the United States and other celebrities have stayed in Hotel Del Coronado, an exclusive hotel with rich history. 

If you stay at Hotel Del Coronado, there is a beach bar where you enjoy a refreshing Margarita. Old Town San Diego is within driving distance from Coronado. 

Visit Coronado and stay in Hotel Del Coronado for a memorable experience. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

San Francisco Duck Tours

San Francisco Duck Tours will take you on a tour of the Bay and the historical streets of San Francisco. On this tour, you will cruise by Coit Tower and AT&T Park. The tour guide will give a brief history of Coit Tower (interesting motivation behind it!).

Then, this tour drives on a bus into China Town and Washington Square. San Francisco Duck Tours is the best way to tour the city by the Bay.